How to apply to IMPRS for PhD@Germany


Application instructions

Information about the application form, file requirements, and projects   Application procedure Candidates, who wish to apply for the IMPRS on Multiscale Bio-Systems, need to fill in a web form. On the basis of the information contained in the application, and on the basis of the recommendations made by the project leaders, the Steering committee of the school will create a short list of candidates, who will be contacted for an interview. The final decision will be taken after the interviews. All doctoral students of the IMPRS receive an IMPRS fellowship (work contract).

Deadline for application is January 31, 2016 (23:59 CET).

Candidates applying after the deadline will be considered if there are still positions available.

In the online application form (see bottom of the page), you will have to upload one single pdf document containing

  • Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • List of courses taken at the University with grades
  • A motivation letter that explains what is your scientific and technical expertise in reference to the project of your choice.

It is convenient to prepare the document before starting the application form. Please note that incomplete applications will not be considered. Applications containing files that are not true pdf’s will not be considered.  Each candidate is expected to select one research project in the application form during the application process. The available projects are listed here. The motivation for the choice of the project and your technical and scientific attitude in reference to the chosen project must be explained in the motivation letter and in the form.  Candidates who wish to apply for more than one project, can do so by repeating the whole application procedure for any additional project. The first steps of the evaluation of the applications will run independently for any of the chosen project. During the whole evaluation we may wish to contact your referees or supervisors. We will do this only if we believe that this is necessary.

Please do not ask your referees and supervisors to send unsolicited recommendation letters.

Application form

Official website

Applications will be accepted until January 31, 2016 at 23:59 CET.

If you experience any problem with the application form, please email us at


Please note: Emailed applications sent directly to the address will not be considered.


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